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Rustic Wooden Flags

Each one of these flags is hand crafted by a 15 year old! These are a great addition to any home and make a perfect gift.

Each is made from high quality pine that is torched to bring out the wood grain and give it a rustic look. Then, water-based stain is used to provide the color and each of the 50 stars is meticulously hand carved. To finish the flag, it is coated with multiple coats of polyurethane. This seals the flag so it can be used indoors or outdoors without any worry. They are assembled using four back supports which are nailed and glued in place to make the flag extra sturdy. Mounting hardware is attached to the back so each flag is ready to hang. Thin Blue Line, Red Line and custom flags are also available for purchase.

Each flag is approximately 37x19.5x1.5 inches.

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