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Think Spring! It's Birdhouse Season.

March 15, 2021

We had a busy week shipping and delivering birdhouses. It's the perfect time to purchase a birdhouse. It should be in place by early spring when the birds are looking for nesting sites. We now offer the original bluebird birdhouse and one specifically for wrens.

We have have shipped birdhouses to 5 states now. Help us get one in all 50. Spread the word!


Can You Guess What Arrived Today?

February 23, 2021

Merch Drop! Yup, 4t1creations merch! If you ordered anything, we will be dropping it off or shipping it to you shortly! If you missed the pre-order, don't worry, we now have t-shirts in stock.


How It's Made - Hardwood Lumber Yard Tour

August 20, 2020

I was lucky enough to see and learn about the machines and processes involved in creating lumber today. I also received some hardwood cutoffs to make some cutting boards. Stay tuned!


Birdhouses now available at Binghamton Agway

August 9, 2020

You can now find my bird houses for sale at Binghamton Agway! Stop by to pick one up and check out their selection of foods and accessories.

Binghamton Agway Facebook post:

Quarantine has inspired a local 12 year old to build blue bird houses. Now available for sale at Binghamton Agway! Exterior mounting screws and instructions provided. Great job Brenden.

#shoplocal #localsupportinglocal #Binghamton #vestal #quarantinehobbies

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